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Extermination of all kinds of pest


Home is where you can relax from a days work don't let any pest come and interrupt you peace.


Having pest at the work place can put your employees at danger and can ruin work flow.


Pest can ruin many things. Don’t let them ruin your shipment or property


HERE is a few of our many services

Bed Bugs

They are very temperature sensitive, and the optimum temperature they are looking for is about that of human skin

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Good sanitation is critical both inside and outside your home or facility as dead bees can still sting so precautions should be taken. Honey also attracts rodents and various insect nests which can bring on additional problems.

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Rodents are some of the most adaptable mammals around, and their ability to feed on many different types of food allows them to survive in any environment.

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Wow - here's the GREATEST exterminators if you're ANYWHERE in the Los Angeles area - great guys - trustworthy - and great prices!!!! Let's get this company out there to everyone!!!
Juan always goes the extra mile when I call him for his services.  This past week, I had swarms of bugs in and around my house that I thought may be termites.  Juan immediately identified them as carpenter ants and later he also emailed me information on them.  I can't say enough about Juan and his impeccable service!
We've been using Un Bug Me Pest Control now for over a year and have found his service to be very satisfactory. He's honest, reliable and cares about his customers. Apparently he really is full-service because the last time he was here he had a wild baby raccoon in his truck and was taking it to the Santa Monica Mountains to release it...that was pretty cool!!


Un bug me pest control will leave you satisfied as these returning customers,
don't miss out!


We are committed to be an active community partner, we belong to multiple associations and we engage with our neighbors to create a better place for all of us to live, Because of this dedication of our team, we have been recognize by multiple Government Agencies.

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